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Budgeting Confession

I have a confession to make…

I have been holding a deep, dark secret from you…Budget help, how to budget

I’m sorry…

Here it goes…

My wife and I have not done a budget for two months. TWO MONTHS!

This is hard for me to admit. (I sort-of do this kind of thing for a living)

The holidays “stole” our time, then the new year stole some more of our time. You know how it goes, life happens and suddenly you are behind on the important stuff.

We have fallen off the horse and need to get back on.

My wife and I did a budget each and every month for two years straight. Doing this allowed us to develop strong financial habits and make amazing financial progress. Doing a budget each month is one of the reasons our marriage is so strong. The level of communication, decision-making skills, and cooperation required to complete a budget every month for two years did wonders for us.

We have fallen off the horse and need to get back on.

My wife and I are going to do a budget for Feb this coming Sunday, even though it will be ten days late.

I believe that success is more about getting back on the horse often and quickly and less about not falling off the horse in the first place. If you never fall off the horse, you probably aren’t riding hard enough or fast enough to get anything worth while done. If you fall off the horse and take your time getting back on, you lose momentum and enthusiasm. Some people think that falling off is a sign of failure, I believe it is actually a sign of progress. If you aren’t on the horse making progress, there is no reason for you to fall off.

How about you? How are you doing?

Have you fallen of the budgeting horse? Do you think falling off is a sign of failure or an opportunity to show the world what you are really made of?

Let us know how you are doing. What struggles and challenges are you facing right now? How do you get back on the horse often and quickly?

-Derek C. Olsen


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